At Temporal we design and build interactive products and experiences to tell stories, solve problems and provoke curiosity.

Creative applications of new technologies, blurring boundaries between physical and digital worlds.

Who we are

Temporal is started by Johan Bichel Lindegaard and Harvey Bewley. Joining forces to combine significant experience in software and programming with experience in physical formgiving and fabrication.

Hands-on and Collaborative Prototyping

We believe making and thinking to be one and the same. Therefore creating a shared environment to explore ideas and technologies with our hands is core to what we do. We have access to a wide range of manufacturing and rapid prototyping tools and a network of skilled crafts people to help us materialise the things we can’t.

Responsible Design

As designers and makers shaping the future of technology we have a responsibility to be engaged in the complex ethical, environmental and social implications of the things we make. Our experience in this field allows us to separate trends and buzzwords from core meaning and impact.

Flexibility, Honesty, Accuracy

We understand that collaborative projects can be messy. As a small team we are flexible in our collaborative methods with partners, but we make sure we only promise what we can deliver so you get no surprises.