A design and technology studio combining form-giving, industrial design, electronics and programming to craft playful interactions between objects and people.

Temporal studio is Industrial Designer Harvey Bewley and Creative Programmer and Developer Johan Bichel Lindegaard.

Combining significant experience working in art and technology, product design, medical design, interactive installations, and design research.

At our core, we are hands-on prototypers building objects that blur the boundaries of the digital and the physical.

We specialise in creative applications of new technologies, delivering projects that fall in the spaces between tangible objects and intangible digital worlds.


Form-giving + Prototyping

From first sketch to final assembly we make decisions on form, ergonomics, texture, and material suitability.

We therefore put enormous value on our ability to shape concepts and build ideas with our hands, moving fluidly between low-fi sketching and rapid prototyping.

We have access to laser cutting, 3D printing and machining - and a close network of talented fabricators and crafts people to work with along the way.


Electronics + Assembly

We select physical electronic components, wiring, layouts and mounting fixtures, first and foremost for their functionality but also as a medium for expression and communication. Taking great care to utilise electronics and components as a tool in the design and form-giving process.


Programming + Software

Sketching with code is an inherent part of our process. Enabling rapid development with functional prototypes and interactive sketches.

We have particular experience developing for interactive and generative applications. Talking to sensors, creating dynamic interfaces and visualizing data.

We are fluent in a number of languages and tools and write software for embedded microcontrollers, installations and web. Our favourite tools include c / arduino / teensy,
c++ / openframeworks,
javascript / node.js,
and python.

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